To develop a network of contemporary artists with a shared vision of contemporary visual arts

In its most fundamental form, contemporary art refers to different art forms such as sculptures, paintings, photography, performance, installations, and video arts produced in the modern world. This may be a simple concept. However, the details surrounding it can be fuzzy, depending on individual interpretation. That is why we strive to make your understanding of what we do as simple as it is. 

Interweave performance, collection, exhibition, and education to encourage, support, and challenge our audiences and fellow contemporary artists.

How-to tips to help you create better forms and enhance your understanding of the art. 

Engaging a diverse population of artists and audiences in developing a sense of community by creating a platform to contemplate and discuss culture, art, and issues that affect our communities today. 

Offering a wide range of resources for other artists who want to understand contemporary visual art in historical, cultural, and social contexts.

Focusing on contemporary art including paintings, photography, videography, writing, blogging, and editing.