About Me

Hi Friends! Welcome to My Blog

Hi Friends! My name is Alicia Hawkins, and welcome to stephengjertsonstudios.com, a blog for artists for tips, guides, and art insights.

I’m a creative artist and found it challenging to maneuver through the high ladders in business. As a writer, editor, and blogger, I bring on board an array of experiences inspired by the great Stephen Gjertson.

I do have several artworks from different sectors hence the writing and content from me is from a practical and workable platform that has been tested and tried.

 Through my blog, I hope I could manage to inspire many artists too to outshine in their specific areas of specialization.

And if you are a painter, sculptor, or landscaper or just wanted to grow your business. My blog provides hands-on experience, which also acknowledges the use of digital platforms to reach the global market.

because my blog is all about giving tips and guides for artists like me who like still life, landscape, portrait genre, and imaginative painting.

My Services

In its most fundamental form, contemporary art refers to different art forms such as sculptures, paintings, photography, performance, installations, and video arts produced in the modern world. This may be a simple concept. However, the details surrounding it can be fuzzy, depending on individual interpretation. That is why we strive to make your understanding of what we do as simple as it is.