Drawing a Gun – a Real One

Drawing a Gun – a Real One

Questions are flying in and I have received much feedback to provide a step by step instruction on how to draw a gun. You don’t have to own a gun before you could draw a realistic one. You just have to use your mental abilities and your drawing skills and the rest should follow. There is also no need for you to be enthusiasts of a gun or to buy an actual gun because you can go for a less expensive gun and that guns are for those that have full capacity to own one and that pertains to responsibility.

Step by Step Guide First is you have to draw two adjacent rectangles, one on the top and one on the left standing up. This would then form an inverted L-shape. Then at the inner part of your L-shaped rectangles, draw a smaller rectangle about thrice as small as your L rectangles. Add an oval inside the rectangle. You should now be able to visualize a form of a gun. Now it is time for you to put segments on your masterpiece.

Put a straight horizontal line in the middle of the top rectangle. Next is to draw a line on the lower part which is a third of the piece going down the rectangle. It is also more realistic if you put lines that are curved on the points to represent functionality. So now that you have a framework and barebone of the gun, it is best that you get inspiration online by searching for guns in real life.

Put out your fine pencil and add a couple of details on your artwork. Do not forget to add the trigger and the barrel as it would not look like a gun if you miss out on those parts. Put double lines on the part where it is supposed to have a richer texture. As soon as all your lines are defined, it is then time for you to add color to it. You might also want to get your pen to solidify your lines. You may use any type of coloring material for as long as you stay true to being realistic and original. Ink in the canvass and start coloring. Colors of guns would vary as most of the time they come in black metal or a combination of brown for the handle and black for all the other metal parts. Some guns are being painted to represent uniqueness and sense of personality.

Do not also forget to put some shading and proper coloring on parts where it is supposed to be laying on the floor or on top of a table. You must understand that, again, we are trying to be realistic. Keep your coloring clean up until you achieve the shadows and edges and every detail of your drawing.

Erase the unnecessary parts. For added factor, try to have it scanned so you would see a general idea once it is being captured. You will see from there that your drawing looks realistic or not. Remove any unwanted lines or excessive colors especially on the borders of your rectangles and ovals. You may also draw a few accessories or bullets on the sides of the gun to make it look like it’s on top of the table. If you have followed these steps, then you would surely be able to achieve the less expensive gun and most realistic gun.


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