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Welcome to the website of Stephen Gjertson Studios. Stephen Gjertson is one of a growing group of contemporary representational artists who call themselves "classical realists" - classical because they have a passion for order, beauty and the great art of the past; realists because they love the visible world and work primarily from life. Gjertson was president of The American Society of Classical Realism, was a founding member of its Guild of Artists and was editorial advisor of the Classical Realism Journal. He was editor of the Classical Realism Newsletter. Trained by Richard Lack at Atelier Lack during the early 1970s, Gjertson has spent the ensuing years creating works that reflect his love of nature, family and his Christian faith. His style is natural and personal, revealing his respect for, and knowledge of, the artistic traditions of both academic and impressionist art. This website was created to introduce you to the life, work and writing of this significant contemporary artist. It presents the breadth of Gjertson's varied oeuvre, from the tranquil yet colorful beauty of his floral still lifes and plein-air landscapes, to his intimate genre paintings, striking portraits and expressive figure paintings dealing with contemporary issues and biblical history. It also contains the complete text of several of his essays and articles on art, as well as a biography and personal interviews. We hope that you enjoy this site.

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